Tiny Russian Studio loves taking portraits. Let me say it again: loves it. From simple (and most cheap) headshots to more elaborate and creative portraiture to playful imagery to acting shots to environmental portraits. TRS has shot corporate portraits for a few metro Boston companies, editorials for magazines and fulfilled personal portrait requests, all to sheer satisfaction of the clients.

Please be warned that the size of the studio does not allow for a full body photography, however there is plenty of spots outside. Generally, sizes run from three quarters (from waste up) to close-up.

I typically spend some time with my client at the beginning of each session, to get a better feel for what they are looking for, to break some ice and to synch in with them, emotionally and mentally. This proves to be detrimental to producing a good portrait. For a more detailed description of each portrait session and different pricing options, please use the Quote form and let me hear you!